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BSBADV507 Develop a media plan


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead teams in the workplace and to actively engage with the management of the organisation.

It applies to individuals working at a managerial level who facilitate work teams and build a positive culture within their work teams. At this level, work will normally be carried out using complex and diverse methods and procedures requiring the exercise of considerable discretion and judgement, using a range of problem solving and decision making strategies.

Steps To Complete This Unit:

This unit is broken down into the following sections: 

    • Four (4) Chapters that contain your Learning Resources and activities
    • BSBADV507 Assessment Pack 

  • Step 1: Before starting this unit check with your Trainer or Training Organisation to ensure you are ready to complete this unit. Your RTO may have other tasks including classroom activities (if you are doing blended learning), Webinars to attend, or further readings and practice activities. These will depend on your Individual Training Plan and should be clarified with your Training organisation before proceeding. If you already have your training plan and are ready to complete these activities, move to Step 2.
  • Step 2: Start at Chapter 1, read each Chapter and complete all associated learning activities and Quiz Tasks.
  • Step 3: Once you are confident that you have acquired and retained the knowledge and skills learned from each Chapter, complete the assessment tasks at the end of this unit.
  • Step 4: Submit Your Assessments of Marking by Your Assessor
Trainer: Kavita Chabra